DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION       TÜV ISO 9001/14001/18001    

Structural engineering, civil engineering and renovation - 'Studio Structura' realizes demanding construction and redevelopment projects of the construction of complex industrial facilities.


'HUTCHINSON', Ruma  /  9000m²
Number of construction permit: 351-329/2015
Design and construction: 'STUDIO STRUCTURA' doo
Starting date:  1. may 2015
Deadline: 31. december 2015

'KLISINA', Zemun  /  3500m²
Design and construction: 'STUDIO STRUCTURA' doo


'GORENJE', Valjevo  /  23000m²
Design and project management: 'STUDIO STRUCTURA' doo
Project finished: 2012


'JELEN INTERNATIONAL', Krnjesevci  /  2000m²
Number of construction permit: 351-2225//2015-III-05
Design and construction: 'STUDIO STRUCTURA' doo
Starting date: octobar 2015
Deadline: 31. february 2016


'PULSE', Zemun  /  2500m²
Design in process: 'STUDIO STRUCTURA' doo


'MUHLBAUER', Indjija  /  6000m²
Design and project management: 'STUDIO STRUCTURA' doo
Project finished: 2012


'Studio Structura' offers complete service on the way from concept planning and design development to realization of green or brown field projects. The focus of our interest is particularly on offering turn-key solutions for manufacturing, logistics and energy infrastructure.


In our approach we seek to understand the needs of our clients and respond to them in an, at the same time, efficient and creative way looking for the potential for improvement in all stages of the work process. The result of collaboration with the Client should be a technologically sound response to a clear need of which construction is a natural result/expression.

In the course of this process, the Client, must be presented with an as realistic a vision of the design so as to make the realization as natural a next step as possible.


Thanks to our team of collaborators and partners we are excelling in integrated architectural design to encompass the following:

-  Architecture and urban design
-  Structural design
-  Design of electricity installations
-  Water supply and Sewerage
-  Telephone and telecommunication installations, access control and BMS
-  Landscape and horticultural design



Our insistence on applying a value based approach has proved itsworth allowing more creativity and freedom making way for integrating them in construction process where and when they are beneficial for the interests of all parties in the project. 

In our here and now, architectural design is, not without reason, put into question by extremely tight budgets, deadlines and a tendency to serve more the interests of construction firms rather than usage values of space and built environment. The result is a premature cramping of the ability and will to seek and apply innovative approaches leading to better results.


In this way, the whole process of communication between different consultants on the project is greatly simplified and made more efficient. This approach is preparing the ground for a seamless transition to actual construction. This natural transition towards construction is further stimulated by, at an early stage, bringing in the possible contractors as valuable participants in the design process adding a real economical/financial dimension to the design stage of the project.

Architecture and construction as competences central to our activity are tools for understanding the needs of the Client and end users of the built space as well as the way to realizing of visions. 
Each assignment is an opportunity to make the life richer in possibilities and more comfortable through a joint exploration of possibilities hidden in apparently unyielding frame of limitations.